Razor Electric Scooter Repair & Upgrade Page!

03/20/2012 - Here is the A123 pack being test fit into the Razor. I think a second pack in parallel will fit if the motor controller is moved over. According to online sources, the scooter has to be rolling over 3mph in order to activate the motor controller. So now I find that the scooter actually works!! I wish it had regen!

03/20/2012 - This E-100 Razor electric scooter was found in the dumpster in my condo complex. I'm debugging the motor controller. Next step will be to put one of my lithium packs in and see how it works!! After that a power supply and 3 pin din connecter are needed to charge the scooter. Hopefully we can show the scooter at Maker Faire to show folks that there is lots of extra life left in these scooters with a little bit of hacking!