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12/14/2001 - The lathe had a phenolic gear that was exactly twice the number of teeth as it was suppose to have. So the threading was at half of the rate it was set for. I finally found the correct phenolic gear from Boston Gear. The new gear has a 14 1/2 degree pressure angle. The gears on the lathe have a 20 degree pressure angle. It seems to work ok though. I have made some 3mm socket head screws on this lathe. They came out great. This Sheldon holds it's accuracy well.

09/22/2001 - I purchased a beautifully rebuilt Sheldon lathe. It's 13" x 36", variable speed, and came with a great tooling assortment. It runs on the VFD that powers the mill.



01/02/2002 - First parts made on the lathe, 3mm screws. The hex socket was CNC'd by the Bridgeport with a .020" diameter endmill.

01/02/2002 - 13" x 40" Sheldon Lathe.