Grease Matters!! This report shows the effects of drag in the cold of various wheel bearing greases!!
Peukert's Law This Law effects the drivable range of every battery chemistry.
Low Rolling Resistance tires Low rolling resistance tires are essential to any vehicles efficiency, gas or electric! Here is a new test of LRR tires done by Tire Rack.This pdf file has a few discontinued tires. But some are still available. This report is important as it was independently tested. In the next year or two, LRR tire testing and ratings will become law! Here is a second, newer LRR tire link for the Rolling Resistance Coefficient (RRC) for tires from the manufacturers data sheets.
AC vs DC systems AC versus DC drive systems.
Lithium Battery Testing
Lithium Batteries for Electric Vehicle Applications. <--Save to your computer and rotate pdf document 90 degrees counterclockwise. More Lithium battery tests: 2008 Battery Study and 2009 Battery Study
Charging on 120vac versus 240vac
240vac charges a battery pack far faster, but 120vac is far more available. You need both!
BMS systems compared! Battery Management System Defined, Cell Balancing System. Having one of these systems extends the life of your battery pack and can notify you of any pack issues.
PG&E's CO2 foot print calculator
See how large your CO2 foot print is! EV's do very well here.
PG&E's Electricity Sources
See PG&E's sources of electricity. Only 1% coal!!
California's Electricity Sources
See California's sources of electricity. Gross system power is only 15.7% coal!!
USA Electricity Sources
See the United States' sources of electricity.
EV vehicle data
Test data for many brands of EV's.
HOV (commute lane) decal
DMV reg1000.pdf form
ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle) decal
DMV reg4048.pdf form [Link Down]
San Jose clean air vehicle (free parking) decal
San Jose free parking form has ended as of 01Jan2012. EV's must be charging to use EV designated parking spots.