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Victor/Thor/885 and OSMC/RS80D/MC1 Repairs

Dozens of units have been successfully rebuilt even though power has been misconnected, as well as overheating and over current meltdowns. The FETS often are split open and produce alot of smoke under severe operating conditions. Sometimes the fets show no external signs of damage, but are no longer functional. Often the fans are damaged, so I encourage that you replace them with new ones after a rebuild.

Before sending your unit, make sure that it calibrates, or at least the LED blinks when power is applied. Then it stands a fighting chance of being rebuildable. During the rebuild process, all new FETS are installed, as well as many of the surface mount transistors, zener diodes and other parts that go bad when the FETS are damaged. Below is the 6 step repair process using professional MetCal repair equipment.

Scope & debug H-Bridge.
Remove and replace damaged parts.
Diode test.
DC test.
1 amp motor test.
50 amp motor test for Victor 883's
100+ amp motor test for Thors/885's & OSMC/RS80D/MC1.

Victor/Thor/885 Repair Costs

Victors $75 USD (REDUCED by $10 !!!!).

Thors or 885's $95 USD.

Booster delete modification during rebuild is $8

Booster delete modification without rebuild is $10

Housing replacement during rebuild is $5

Housing replacement without rebuild is $8

Extra housing is $5

OSMC/RS80D/MC1/MC1-HV Repair Costs

OSMC = $75 to $125 Parts & Labor

RS80D = $100 to $180 Parts & Labor

MC1/MC1-HV = $175 to $225 Parts & Labor

Shipping is extra.

Paypal is about 3% extra on all repairs, due to what they charge me.

Cash or check also accepted.

Prices and policies subject to change without notice.

Please include full payment with your units.

Non payment after 30 days and goods will be sold for repair costs.

For any questions please email me at mikep_95133 'at' yahoo.com

We are located in San Jose, California.